Sunshine Shuttle & Tour Service, LLC
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Providing friendly, reliable transportation 
Private Van Airport Shuttle* 
  • Reagan National $20 - 30 per passenger 
  •  Dulles International $40 - $50 per passenger 
  •  Amtrak $10 - $20 per passenger
*Fee is based on origin in DC, MD, VA
Providing private van services at share-a-ride prices!​
Daily shuttle services available!

Monthly Vanpool Services
  • Employment, school sand worship service huttle  
  • Government transportation services
Current Shuttle Services
Washington, DC Office Of Aging Senior Service Transportation

Trips and Events Shuttle Service
  • Private Group trips and events
  • SS&T Service Trips and Events

Monthly Personal Shuttle Service
Let SS&T Service, LLC assist you in maintaining your monthly personal care needs.  
Schedule the activities below within a 15-mile radius** of client's point of origin.
Fee:  $60, including 4-hour wait time.  Additional $10/hour wait time after the 1st 4 hours.

Personal shuttle activities available:
  • ​Retail shopping:  Wal-Mart or Target 
  • Grocery shopping; pharmacy; bank and/or post-office.
All activities are not require for shuttle service.​
​**15-mile radius is 15 miles north, south, east and west from client's point of origin (pickup location).

Other Monthly Shuttle Service
  • ​Medical and Dental appointments
  • Cosmetologist and Barber appointments

General Transportation Waiver
SS&T Service, LLC is not licensed to transport animals; 
handicap passengers or provide medical transportation - emergency or nonemergency.

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Senior discounts avaiable
Monthly Personal Shuttle Service
Departure and arrival arrangements available