Sunshine Shuttle & Tour Service, LLC
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Providing friendly, reliable transportation 
Private Van Airport Shuttle* 
  • Reagan National $20 - 30 per passenger 
  •  Dulles International $40 - $50 per passenger 
  •  Amtrak $10 - $20 per passenger

Monthly Vanpool Services
  • Employment, school sand worship service shuttle  
  • Government transportation services
Current Shuttle Services
Washington, DC Office Of Aging Senior Service Transportation

Trips and Events Shuttle Service
  • Private Group trips and events
  • SS&T Service Trips and Events

Monthly Personal Shuttle Service
Let SS&T Service, LLC assist you in maintaining your monthly personal care needs.  
Schedule the activities below within a 15-mile radius* of client's point of origin.
Fee:  $50 for 4-hours wait time.  Additional $10/hour wait time after the 1st 4 hours.
  • In-store personal shuttle activities available: Wal-Mart or Target; Home Depot or Lowe's; grocery shopping; pharmacy; bank and/or post-office. 
  • All activities are not require for shuttle service.​
​*15-mile radius is 15 miles north, south, east and west from client's point of origin.

Internet 'Site to Store' Shuttle Service
Don't have time to shop. That's ok. 
We provide shuttle services for your 'site to store' delivery orders.
Fee: $30 for 2 hours wait time. Additional $10/hour wait after the 1st 2 hours.
  •   ​Small package pickup only! Weight limit per package: 15 lbs.

Other Monthly Shuttle Service
  • ​Medical and Dental appointments
  • Cosmetologist and Barber appointments

General Transportation Waiver
SS&T Service, LLC is not licensed to transport animals; 
handicap passengers or provide medical transportation - emergency or nonemergency.

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